Realtor Helps Military Find their Perfect Home in Edmonton

5 August, 2015 (20:04) | Uncategorized | By: David Reynolds

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Edmonton is home to one of the biggest military bases in Canada.  And many people in the military are looking for homes to create a sense of stability for themselves and their families. You would think that with all the Edmonton homes for sale, it shouldn’t be hard to find a home. Right? Well, that’s not the case for those in the military. Usually, they have just a few days to search for homes before the need to return to the base for duty, and this becomes twice as stressful as it would be for a civilian to find the right house.

Luckily for many of the men and women in the military, Realtors are helping them find the perfect Edmonton homes for sale. The realtors have come up with a service designed specifically for people in the military to help them find homes within 4 to 5 days which is the standard time most of them have to look for houses. Service members have found comfort and results in local real estate agent, Sam Ireland of

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An overview of this service involves:

Dedicated Agents assigned: Each has a dedicated agent who is ready to attend specifically to them, ensuring they find exactly what they are looking for and answer all their questions as well as provide advice. To make the task go smoothly usually these agents are the most experienced in the business.

Provision of Market knowledge: Even before a military client gets to Edmonton, once they request for Realtor services, information about the market is sent to them so that they do not have to spend their first day getting a feel of the market. They are equipped with information about Edmonton homes for sale right before they get there.

Professional services on standby: Realtors ensure that they have bankers, lawyers and other such related professionals on call so that if they’re needed, there is a very quick response time to ensure the process of sealing the deal is completed as quickly as possible.

The realtor services though are not restricted to the actively serving soldiers. They are also helping retired soldiers to settle in decent homes. In 2014, CBC run a feature about the plight of some veterans who end up homeless because they cannot find the right Edmonton homes for sale. It is indeed a shame that the people who sacrificed their life so that the rest can have safe homes should end up living in their cars and on the streets.

single level home in edmontonRealtors in Edmonton however are taking up the challenge to help veterans secure affordable homes. Even though some the homes on sale may be out of their price range, there are some that with correct financing can be suitable.

There are housing loans that can be accessed by veteran based on things like their experience in the army, and the payment plans are reasonable enough to help them comfortably take up mortgages. The realtors also give valuable advice to the veterans they help about the Edmonton houses for sale to ensure that they can what deservedly suits them after their years of dedicated service to the Nation.

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