Helping Our Troops, One Tooth At A Time

2 February, 2020 (08:34) | Health | By: shop


The staff at Tulsa Implant Dentist ( like to say, “We help create beautiful smiles.”

Helping patients achieve beautiful smiles is always their priority, and it is even more important to them when their patients are members of the armed forces. It is said that a smile is one of the most important aspects of communication. A pleasant smile tells people you are happy, reassures those you are in communication with that you are friendly, and implies that you are likely to act in their best interest.

emergency dentistWhen you consider the military and political tensions in the world today, isn’t that exactly what we want and need for our troops? We need them to be as appealing and as non-threatening as they can be, especially when they are dealing with non-combatants from other cultures. Good dental care is essential to meeting that need.

As a veteran, I can truly sympathize with the challenges and difficult decisions our troops make on a daily basis. I have been to multiple military medical facilities and experienced both high quality and poor care. It is truly a shot in the dark what type of treatment you will receive. Asking themselves where to go for emergency dental care should not be something our troops have to deal with. They should already know where and who they want to be treated by.

To the soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen reading this ask yourself one question, where would you rather go for dental care? Do you want to go to an on-base medical facility, or do you want to go to a medical professional who has a private practice? One provider is covered by the military and is virtually ensured employment regardless of the quality of care they provide, while the other has a vested interest in providing the best quality care possible. After all, they have a business they want to keep open. Sure the military will cover the cost of visiting their own facilities, but is the quality of care you receive worth it? If I had to chose, I would always pick the private practice medical provider.

So if you are in a training accident, vehicle collision, or sustain some other unforeseen injury requiring emergency dental care, Tulsa Implant Dentist is always there for you. They will give you the care you need and further their goal of helping our troops, one tooth at a time. They are available twenty four hours a day and can be reached by phone at 1.918.268.7173, or on the internet at