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Why The Military Needs Clean Floors

25 March, 2015 (10:16) | Supplies | By: shop

Homes aren’t the only ones that needs clean floors. This is also important for military bases. If you have ever been to one, you’d most likely see shiny floors and organized areas. Yet what is the reason behind this seemingly OCD effect? Well this isn’t actually the cause of any condition. They keep shiny and […]

Uses of Tempered Glass Protectors on Military Devices

3 February, 2015 (07:14) | Supplies | By: shop

The military is well known to do much of its work outdoors under the extreme harsh conditions. The soldiers use their electronic computers in the bright sunlight, something that is not easy. They use very dusty, unpaved roads that are sometimes full of pot holes and rocks. As for the navy, their navigating equipment should […]